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After the overwhelming success of viral video “Dumb Ways to Die” comes a beautiful little mobile game available free for iPhone and the iPad. It’s a fun distraction that should get you giggling at the creatures misfortune, but is it enough to sustain you for longer…

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Dumb Ways to Die - Pretty Cool Apps Review


Dumb Ways to Die is a series of gorgeously animated, and frantically played, mini games in the tradition of Wario World (Wii) and Super BishiBashi (PS1). Players are presented with a mini game that they must complete in a few seconds before the timer runs out and they lose a life.

Each is reasonably intuitive, and if you fail it once, you’ll be quick to remember how to play it the next time round. Some games can be unforgiving in how you complete them. For example, wiping all the vomit off the screen is difficult if your finger catches on your dirty screen and painting on the mustard needs to be pretty exact.

While the games are fun and immediately accessible, the pattern of repeat play gets tired pretty quickly and there isn’t enough variety for sustained gameplay.

Watch the original video – watched by over 45,000,000 people.

Design appeal

If looks could kill you would barely get past the home screen. The game and animation style hasn’t made death this cute since Happy Tree Friends. You wont be able to stop yourself from smiling as you perform all manner of death defying tasks like squishing wasps, flicking piranhas, remove forks from toasters (my favourite), wiping off vomit and blowing into your phone or tablet to keep your plane up in the air.

You can also challenge your friends via Game Centre but because the games are all pretty simple, there’s not much of a challenge other than to play more games than your friends.


Keep your little guys alive and you can eventually unlock all the cute little critters for your train station. You can even unlock the original video to save to your phone which is a nice but largely unnecessary touch.


Being safe around train stations has never been more fun, but ultimately, Dumb Ways to Die will be played a handful of times before you get sick of the repeating mini games. A great way to introduce mortality to your children.

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