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Version: IOS 1.0.0
Seller: Gameloft
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High quality graphics
Speed of gameplay
Sound effects


Tiny interface elements
Controls feel a bit sluggish


Fast gameplay and top quality production. Though game play is limited to avoiding obstacles and shooting enemies the random levels make it an entertaining movie tie-in.

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I make it a habit to download blockbuster movie tie-in apps just to see what the “big guns” are up to and how they translate the movie experience into an app. Often the free mobile apps accompanying big movie titles are a relatively lame affair and try to capitalize on the movie’s success with a mediocre experience, or worse: Planet of the Apes.

But lately there have been some great movie companion apps that hold their own, like The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth.

IronMan 3 is another successful game title carrying across the intense action and high tech ambience of its movie franchise.

I was most impressed by the quality of the graphics, sound design and  speed of gameplay.

Though on an iPhone the interface elements are bordering on being ridiculously small and fidgety the interface feels futuristic and true to the movie’s art direction.
The game objective itself isn’t highly original. Basically it’s just alternating between tilt avoidance and shooting enemies and to be honest, the controls don’t feel too responsive, despite the ability to change the sensitivity.

What makes it entertaining however are the engaging visuals and the randomness of obstacles and enemies. Every new round feels different and unexpected and makes it perfect for a quick 5 minute time waster.

There are upgrade options galore and of course the store offers numerous in-app purchases to make your suit and weapons more effective. But even at the free base level this is a fun game that lets you zip through the streets and skies like Tony Stark so you can extend the movie experience for a little longer on your small screen.


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Patrick Visser

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