Zombie Road Trip

Zombie road trip
Zombie road trip
Zombie road trip


Version: 2.0.1
Seller: Noodlecake Studios Inc
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4.5/ 5

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Graphics are cool
Game play is easy and fun
Music gets the heart pumping
Nice range of cars and weapons


Can get a bit repetitive


Very addictive, engaging features and in a popular genre. Kept me coming back.

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I know what you’re thinking, not another Zombie app!!
Well yes it is another Zombie app but it’s got that great mix of drama, good design, and challenging play to make it a pretty cool zombie app.

Design & Dev

Noodle have excelled themselves in creating this one. The design is sublime and perfect for the genre and the choice of sound effects and music are so good I found myself putting my headphones on and turning it up to 11. Very rare when it comes to my game play. Quality dev as well. No glitches found and held up well on my iphone 4s.

Game play

Dealing with the changing terrain, performing perfect acrobatic twist and turns in my the car whilst decapitating, shooting and keeping ahead of the zombie pack creates enough tension and excitement to keep me coming back for more. The aim of the game is to keep ahead of the pack by boosting the speed of your vehicle (ie land perfectly after a spin or two) and being quick on the trigger to destroy zombies before  you smash into them so that you can earn (or buy) enough brains (currency) to purchase better cars and or weapons to help you survive longer on your next road trip. There is also a random chocolate wheel feature that can give you more brains but to date I have found that this hasn’t been that fruitful.

Zombie screen

Wish list

There are the obvious power ups, better cars and shooters but it doesn’t seem to change the game play enough for me. The main change, the terrain, is good but not great. It’s also a little annoying that you start back at the beginning all the time. As it is a road trip it would be cool that you are actually on a road trip that tracked your journey across a map. You could have different route options and challenge your friends to achieving certain sign posts. That would be cool.


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  • http://www.kaintietzel.com Kain Tietzel

    I like the simple controls which are quick to learn but difficult to master. The difficulty ramps up pretty quickly and it can be awkward attempting to shoot zombies out of the air when you’re trying to spin and land. I think this one will be a keeper.