FitStar: Tony Gonzalez

FitStar: Tony Gonzales
FitStar: Tony Gonzales
FitStar: Tony Gonzales


Version: 1.4.0
Seller: FitStar Labs, Inc.


Exercise quality

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5/ 5

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Well designed interface & videos
Great exercises
Choice of exercise programs


Some videos get repetitive
A few glitches in the voice over


A fitness app that’s beautifully designed and developed with an amazing array of do-at-home exercises.
It’s your personal trainer at home and is easily the best fitness app available.

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“You’ve heard of air guitar? Well, this is air jump rope”

So says Tony Gonzales at the beginning of a session in this awesome app that sets a new benchmark in the fitness app category.


The health and fitness app category is abundant with choice. From sit-ups to running, from diet to weight lifting. Some even with 3D models that visualise every muscle you’re using in a given exercise.

In my everlasting quest to establish some form of a fitness routine I have tried a fair amount of exercise apps, but with little success.

But then there is FitStar: Tony Gonzales. It is your personal trainer on iPad.

FitStar: Tony Gonzales exercise videos

Why is it so amazing?

It’s credible.

Tony Gonzales is one of the greatest NFL players of all time. If a guy like him talks about fitness, I listen.

It’s beautiful.

It looks and feels great. Everything behaves the way I expect it to and it exudes professionalism with a bit of polish. It’s not your grungy boxing club but the platinum gym experience. The videos are well produced and instead of just seeing an example of the exercise, the trainers are actually doing them with me, all the way.

It’s got great exercises

All exercises can be performed in a space the size of a yoga mat and do not require any props. Perfect for travelling, but even better for those who don’t like the gym or do not have a basement decked out with dumb bells.
Nevertheless, exercises are challenging and cleverly designed to work every part of your body.

It’s flexible

You can start with a 2 week free program and then chose from a range of fitness goals. I’m half way through my 8-week strength building program and am noticing a difference. I feel better, my muscles hurt every other day and I can’t wait for the next session.

It’s affordable

The download is free and you get a 2 week program at no cost. Then it’s in-app purchases for 4, 8 and 12 week programs for the price of less than a gym class.

It’s empowering

After every exercise you can tally your reps and give feedback if it was too easy, just right or too hard. Same goes for the entire session. I imagine over time this information will shape future programs and offer more personal tailoring to my needs and fitness levels. Not often an app asks me about my opinion other than to rate it.

It’s supportive

Badges and achievements are rewarding and motivating. The email reminders and additional diet and fitness tips keep me motivated in-between sessions.

Anything I don’t like?

There is. Some of the cardio exercises are being repeated a lot, up to 5 times in a session. Listening to the same instructions and tips 5 times a session 3 times a week gets tedious. Yes, I could turn off the sound, but I’d prefer a variety of the same exercise, with additional tips and info as we progress.


Beautifully designed and developed app with an amazing array of do-at-home exercises.
It really feels like a personal trainer at home and is easily the best fitness app for mobile devices to date.

If you’d like to get off the couch, talk to Tony.



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