About PrettyCoolApps

What do app lovers want?

We want to find apps we love. Apps that we find useful, fun or engaging. PrettyCoolApps wants to make that easy for you. Reviewers from all walks of life finding and assessing apps to help find cool apps that are right for you

Meet Our Team


Steve Fanale CEO

Steve is a seasoned entrepreneur onto his 5th start up with The AppVillage. Over 15+ years experience in the digital industry and the founder of internationally renowned businesses MassMedia Studios and The Traction Platform.

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Patrick Visser Co Founder

13 years experience as digital creative and strategist. Patrick’s focus is on designing and creating engaging and highly functional user experiences.

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Matt Griffin Director

Matt Griffin is the Chief Executive and founder of Deepend in Australia, the highly awarded, digital communications agency and innovation consultancy with offices in Sydney and Melbourne and New York.

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Kain Tietzel Curator

Kain’s passion for new technology, digital marketing engineering and disruptive web services means that he’s always on the lookout for the next new shiny mobile app, game or web service. As the curator of the #prettycoolapps website he is responsible for driving the editorial direction of the site, increasing readership and growing a community of passionate readers, developers and app users.

Kain is also the founder of Everybody Internet, is a co-founder of Fotomerchant and is prevalent across a lot of social services at kaintietzel.info. Email kain@theappvillage.com to get involved.

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