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Great interface design
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Not enough storyboard templates No "auto-compile" of existing footage


Lumify is a delightful video editing app that will help you create compelling mini movies. The “interactive screenplays” are clever way of teaching the fundamentals of storytelling with images.

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Filmmaking for everyone

Every creative discipline has experienced a democratisation over the years and made it more accessible to the masses.

Remember the 80’s and the rise of desktop publishing with the launch of the MacPlus? It accounted for a lot of badly designed flyers but at least we had a tool.

Then of course followed photography with compact cameras and digital photography culminating in the likes of Instagram that turns every breakfast snapshot into a piece of vintage art.

Next up music creation that started with Logic and Cubase leading to today’s apps like Apple GarageBand or even Propellerhead’s Figure (let’s forget about Microsoft’s Songsmith).

And lately we’ve seen the appification of video production.

I’m an avid video producer and editor and have spent most of my professional life shooting, cutting and post-producing videos.

Up until now video apps were more of a gimmick than anything useful and the race is geared towards creating the Twitter of video with creating short and meaningless video snippets (I’m talking about you Threadlife and SocialCam).

Lumify sets out to change all that. And I have to admit, it’s doing a damn good job.

What I love about this app

Great onboarding

From the moment I fire up the app I’m being guided step by step on how to use it and make the most of Lumify. But it doesn’t stop there. The aptly named “interactive screenplays” are a handy 5 step guides showing me how to tell a great story in 5 scenes. It will improve your holiday snaps and family visits into something worth watching.

User Interface

Lumify is so on trend right now. A “flat” UI with only 2 colours keeps the interface clutter free with just the right amount of highlight to guide me through each screen and its functions.
To break up the minimalist design there are little delightful surprises like the magnifying lens to inspect my film strips. It’s like I’m bending over a light box again.


Creating videos is a breeze, both from existing footage and photos or by creating it from scratch. Adding titles and effects is fast and fun. So many apps make this process cumbersome and fiddly, but with Lumify I feel I’m in control of the creative process.

It’s just the right mix of options, not too many, not too few.

The Adjust Scene screen lets me make the most necessary adjustments in only a few simple steps.
Like zooming into an area of the scene or slowing down the footage.

So much thought has gone into the User Experience that it feels the app anticipates my next step. I never got lost or confused about where I am in the process. It’s an incredibly intuitive experience. For example rotating the phone into landscape mode cleverly removes all interface elements and lets me concentrate on the preview.


Again, it’s the ease and concise selection of options that make this a painless process. So many apps won’t let you save your work to your camera roll but force you to share it on a proprietary social platform I do not want to be part of. That’s why you won’t see me on Qwiki in a hurry. With Lumify a facebook or Twitter login is optional.

What’s missing?

Not much. But if I could ask the app fairy to grant me a wish i would ask for an auto-compile function like Qwiki offers me. It would simply get me off the ground quicker in choosing a number of photos and videos based on the date they were taken.

Will I use it on a regular basis?

I dare say I will. I’ve got plenty of video snippets hogging my phone memory that I’ve wanted to compile into mini movies for a long time.

It’s perfect for making mini movies on the go or while watching some mindless TV and turn those disconnected snaps on your phone into something much more entertaining.

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