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Clock is a new mobile app from apple that takes all of the chronological things you love like time, alarms and stopwatch and combines them all into a single beautiful interface.

With World Clock, knowing the time in any part of the world is now as simple choosing the city and country of origin, and boom! There’s the time in that part of the world and it all happens in real time.

Need to get up early in the morning but your Rooster is on the fritz? With Apples Alarm feature just set the time you want to get up, choose a sound and then using nothing but the power of magic and a little electronics, Clock will alert you when you need to get up. Goodbye Rooster!

If you’re a morning jogger like me, you carry your iPad with you to listen music. Stop Watch allows you to check the times on each lap you do.

And lastly, there’s Timer. Choose a time in the future and Clock witll silently tick away the seconds and then alert you with sounds and an onscreen prompt.

In fact, with clock, you’ve basically rendered every time piece in your house completely redundant.

Clock, available now on the App Store

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